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Art Camp-Session 1

Art Camp–Mrs. Stone

Come paint a masterpiece! Campers will be building a portfolio of Art to take home at the end of the week.  Each session is different so students can come multiple weeks and enjoy different activities.

Each camp has 15 spots. Cost= $100 per session

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Session 1 May 30th-June 1st  9am-12pm  (K4 & K5)  Cafeteria
Session 2  May 30th-June 1st   1pm-4pm (K4 & K5)  Cafeteria
Session 3 June 6th-8th   9am-12pm  (1st-4th)  Cafeteria
Session 4 June 6th-8th  1pm-4pm        (K4 & K5) Cafeteria
Session 5 June 20th-22nd  9am-12pm  (1st-4th)  Cafeteria
Session 6 June 20th-22nd  1pm-4pm  (K4 & K5)  Cafeteria
Session 7 June 27th-29th  9am-12pm  (1st-4th)  Cafeteria
Session 8 June 27th-29th  1pm-4pm  (K4 & K5)  Cafeteria
Session 9  July 11th-13th  9am-12pm  (1st-4th) Cafeteria
Session 10 July 11th-13th   1pm-4pm (K4 & K5)  Cafeteria 
Session 11 July 18th-20th  9am-12pm (1st-4th) Cafeteria 
Session 12  July 18th-20th  1pm-4pm (K4 & K5) Cafeteria 
Session 13 July 25th-27th  9am-12pm (1st-4th) Cafeteria  
Session 14  July 25th-27th  1pm-4pm (K4 & K5) Cafeteria