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Give- Monetary Donations

Wynnbrook does several fundraisers a year, but donations can be given at any time. Please contact the school office to find out ways to give back to WCS!

Donate- Books for the Library

WCS welcomes new and used books for the school library as well as classroom libraries. If your child has books they have out-grown, consider donating the books to the school. 

Donate-Prizes for Rewards

The AR Prize Store is offered to students at the end of the year. All of our prizes for these readers are donated by generous parents and items are priced with points collected by reading books throughout the year. Please contact the librarian, Stephanie Dubose, to donate to the Prize Store. 

Treasure Boxes are often used in the classroom for special recognitions. Please contact your child's teacher to donate to classroom treasure boxes. 

A couple times a year, we collect bags of candy for Fall and Spring festivals or events. Be on the look out for information and collection locations during the year. 


Recycle-Ink Cartridges

Recycle old ink cartridges for school profit! Turn them in to the bins by the gym doors. 

Collect-Pop Tabs for Ronald McDonald House

Pull pop-tabs off of soda cans and help us raise money to support the Ronald McDonald House in Columbus. Learn more about it here: Ronald McDonald House