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Students in PreK-5th Grade go to Art once a week. Students love to draw, paint, and use other mediums for expressing their creativity. Student art-work is beautifully displayed in the galleries in the halls. 


All students in grades PreK-8th participate in twice monthly Christ-centered developmental guidance lessons with the school counselor.  Guidance lessons are based on student success standards and teach knowledge, attitudes, and skills for future development and school success.  Topics that are covered include: recognizing and expressing feelings, friendship/social skills, self management, and learning strategies.  



Students in PreK through fifth grade enjoy a general music class once per week for the entire year.  They perform the songs they are learning at the annual Grandparents' Day, Veteran's Day Chapel, Fall Performance, the Winter Performance, and Spring Performance. 

At a Christian school, we prioritize leading the students in songs with Bible verses. Since music helps us to remember, students will be hiding God's Word in their heart without much difficulty. By learning through music, we make learning fun! 

Physical Education

Students in PreK-5th grade go to PE multiple times a week for physical activity. Students learn through team-building games and hand-eye coordination skills. Coach Hull intentionally incorporates games and activities that relate to God and His world and how we can be faithful followers of Christ and helpful citizens.