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Middle School Students have the following elective requirements that must be met by the end of their 8th grade year to follow state standards. Each requirement can be met by taking one of the courses that are highlighted in the same color in the descriptions below. All requirements do not need to be met in the same semester.

  • 1 semester of PE or Fitness each year (1 day/week required)
  • 1 semester of a foreign language
  • 1 semester of fine arts

Art-Colored Pencil

The middle school art elective this semester will explore how to use colored pencils in a
fine art capacity. Students will have the opportunity to use the same materials
professional artists use as well as learn the techniques they use when creating art.
Students will first learn all about the colored pencil medium, pencil strokes, pencil
pressure, and how to layer, blend, and burnish with colored pencils. Students will then
apply what they have learned by creating four artworks on varying supports. Students
will create a dolphin on colored paper, a kitten on Pastelmat (a cork-based surface), a
lollipop on drafting film, and hot cocoa on white paper. Each class will be highly
structured and project-based, so students should come prepared to participate and

Art-Fiber Crafting

Fiber crafting will explore different crafts made from thread, wool, or yarn.
Students will learn as many fiber crafts as possible during the semester, which 
may include skills like crochet, embroidery, cross-stitch, macrame, felting, etc. 
For each fiber craft, students will be given a specific project to work on. This 
class will be fun, but it will also be highly structured and project-based. Students 
should come prepared to participate and learn.

Band 1 & 2

Students in 5th-8th grades have the exciting opportunity to join the Band!  Band 1 is for beginners and Band 2 is for students who are ready to move on to the next level.  Band is an excellent way for students to develop both sides of their brain and it encourages the types of thinking and skills that help students excel in Academic subjects as well.  Band students learn great skills such as teamwork, listening, following, and expressiveness as they develop individually on their personal instrument and corporately as an ensemble.  We’re blessed at WCS to have numerous school instruments available for student use which makes Band incredibly affordable, but we do encourage at least a year-long commitment so students can learn the fundamentals and really experience a return for their hard work.  Band students have opportunities to audition for the GMEA District 3 Honor Band, and other area events as well as performing for various school programs, sporting events, and community service projects. 


Do you like to sing?  Do you find yourself singing in the shower, or singing along with the radio?  Is singing your favorite time at church or youth?  If so, Choir is for you!  Do you want to learn how to better use your voice?  Would you like to learn to sing harmonies with others?  Choir is absolutely for you!  Do you have a great singing voice, but you’re embarrassed that someone might hear you, or think you’re “uncool” because you sing?   Choir is DEFINITELY for you!!  We will work on exercising your voice, strengthening your skill set, teaching you how to read music and mostly, how to make great music with other singers.  Whether you sing all the time, or just want to try it out, Choir class is for YOU!!  Choir will perform for special events throughout the year, and for community service events.  Individuals who wish to do more can audition for the GMEA District 3 Honor Choir, and All State.

Creative Design

This alternative to traditional art classes will provide students with the opportunity to
build and create using items commonly found in a wood shop.  Students will learn to use
hammer, saw, drill, screws, nails, paint, glue etc.

ILT (Individual Learning Time)

Individual Learning Time is the functional equivalent of a study hall.  Students involved in after school activities or who need extra time for assignments or reading goals, are encouraged to enroll in ILT classes during the week.

Latin 1

This course is a two semester course and can only be started in the first semester. Students will learn beginning Latin including grammar forms, Latin sayings that teach Christian or Classical heritage, and 250 vocabulary words. This class will fulfill the student’s foreign language requirement.

Newspaper- The Illuminator

Students will participate in creating and publishing the school’s newspaper/newsletter.
Students must be able and willing to contribute to the creation of the content and
publication. Students must be self-motivated as they will be largely self-directed in their

Physical Education and Fitness

PE will be an activities/sports-based program that keeps kids moving while learning different games and sports and other common team or sports activities.  Fitness will focus on exercises, diet, and life habits to achieve and maintain good health and physical fitness.  All Middle School students are required to take PE/Fitness at least one day a week for one semester each year to meet state standards.

Praise Team

Praise Team is a group of students with musical talents who desire to use their gifts to lead others in worship and who demonstrate servant leadership every day to encourage an atmosphere of praise and worship on the WCS campus.  Students with experience in playing Guitar, Keyboard, Bass, Drums or other instruments are encouraged to join us in helping lead music for  their peers, parents, and visitors in chapel each Wednesday morning.  Private instruction is highly recommended.  Praise Team members will develop skills in presentation, performance, and leadership as they present in Chapels but a greater goal is that they demonstrate Christ-like leadership and humility in daily interactions with peers and teachers.  They will be required to develop their own musical abilities in and outside of scheduled class times. Additionally, the Praise Team may be asked to perform for special programs, dramas, or events.



The teacher of this class is bi-lingual with Spanish being her first language.  Students will be taught Spanish so that they can use it in real life situations.  The class will be practical rather than academic.  The learning outcomes will include the ability to engage in some casual conversation, navigate common places such as a grocery store, a house, a typical city, etc. Our hope is this lays a foundation for students to go on mission trips both domestically and internationally and feel comfortable using their Spanish to navigate those places.  This class will fulfill the student’s foreign language requirement.


STEAM is a class that incorporates science, technology, engineering (art/agriculture) and math with hands-on learning and visual stimulation for students. Critical thinking through problem solving using math and science as the basis for engineering and technology projects or experiments. It’s a great way for students to explore their interests and expand their knowledge.