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Camps are listed alphabetically.

To view the camps chronologically, go to the Calendar page of our website and click through the summer months.

The grades listed are for recently completed grade levels. 

More info is available when you sign up.
Use the Sign-up Genius links to enroll the students in the camp. 

Camps will be charged through your FACTS account.

Archery Camp-Coaches

Archery Camp- Coach Candice 
This camp is designed to enhance fundamental archery skills
Camp has 24 spots. Cost= $75 

Session 1 New Archers Only  July 18th-20th  1pm-4pm (3rd-7th)
Session 2 Returning Archers   July 25th-27th  1pm-4pm (3rd-7th)

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Art Camp-Mrs. Stone

Art Camp–Mrs. Stone

Come paint a masterpiece! Campers will be building a portfolio of Art to take home at the end of the week.  Each session is different so students can come multiple weeks and enjoy different activities.

Each camp has 15 spots. Cost= $100 per session

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Session 1 May 30th-June 1st  9am-12pm  (K4 & K5)  Cafeteria
Session 2  May 30th-June 1st   1pm-4pm (K4 & K5)  Cafeteria
Session 3 June 6th-8th   9am-12pm  (1st-4th)  Cafeteria
Session 4 June 6th-8th  1pm-4pm        (K4 & K5) Cafeteria
Session 5 June 20th-22nd  9am-12pm  (1st-4th)  Cafeteria
Session 6 June 20th-22nd  1pm-4pm  (K4 & K5)  Cafeteria
Session 7 June 27th-29th  9am-12pm  (1st-4th)  Cafeteria
Session 8 June 27th-29th  1pm-4pm  (K4 & K5)  Cafeteria
Session 9  July 11th-13th  9am-12pm  (1st-4th) Cafeteria
Session 10 July 11th-13th   1pm-4pm (K4 & K5)  Cafeteria 
Session 11 July 18th-20th  9am-12pm (1st-4th) Cafeteria 
Session 12  July 18th-20th  1pm-4pm (K4 & K5) Cafeteria 
Session 13 July 25th-27th  9am-12pm (1st-4th) Cafeteria  
Session 14  July 25th-27th  1pm-4pm (K4 & K5) Cafeteria 

Art Camp-Miss Emily & Mrs. Wood


Art Camp- Miss Emily & Mrs. Wood

Children will learn different art styles, methods, and materials.
12 spots. Cost $100  June 26th-29th  9am-12pm   (K4 & K5)  Room 102

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Basketball Camp- Jonathan Gordon

Basketball Camp (Co-ed)–Jonathan Gordon

Students will improve their playing skills, focus on the fundamentals and participate in different drills and games.
Camp has 30 spots. Cost= $75 July 11th-13th 10am-12pm (4th-8th)    Gym

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Craft & Cooking Camp-Mrs. Panco & Mrs. Megan

Craft & Cooking Camp–Mrs. Panco & Mrs. Megan

Join us for a variety of fun, summer crafts along with making some tasty treats.  

Camp has 12 spots. Cost= $85  July 18th-20th 1pm-4pm (1st-3rd)     Conference Center


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Down by the Creek Bank-Mrs. Peirce & Mrs. Karli

Down by the Creek Bank Camp-Mrs. Peirce & Mrs. Karli

Join us as we go down by the creek bank, as we explore butterflies and bugs based on the beloved children’s author Eric Carle.  A field trip to Oxbow Meadows and a camp t-shirt is included in camp fee.
12 spots. Cost $100       July 10th-13th   9am-12pm   (K5-3rd)  Library

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Exploring Nature through Art- Ms. Holman

Exploring Nature through Art- Ms. Holman

In this camp we will observe animals, plants and fungi to create beautiful illustrations! We will take inspiration from Beatrix Potter, author and illustrator of Peter Rabbit, who used nature to inspire her art. 
Each camp has 15 spots. Cost= $100 per session

Session 1-  June 26th-29th  1pm-4pm  (4th-8th) Room 210
Session 2-  July 10th-13th  9am-12pm (4th-8th) Room 210

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Science Fair Camp

Science Fair Camp-Mrs. Brock

Students will dive in to the scientific method by choosing and completing their very own experiment. We will work on critical thinking, problem solving and time management skills. Students will complete their experiment and be able to present their conclusions by creating displays.

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10 spots. Cost $100     June 26th-29th   9am-12pm   (4th-7th)  Room 102


Gym Games Camp-Coach Hull

Gym Games Camp–Coach Hull
Don't sit idle this summer! Stay active at Gym Games Camp. Students will enjoy 2 hours of movement, motion, and activity. We will play classic gym games, as well as some new fan favorites! Lots of energy and lots of fun. Come be a part of Gym Games!

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Each camp has 20 spots. Cost= $75
Session 1  June 5th-8th 1pm-3pm   (K5-2nd) Gym
Session 2 June 19th-22nd 1pm-3pm  (3rd-5th) Gym

Space Camp-Mrs. Peirce & Mrs. Karli

Space Camp-Mrs. Peirce & Mrs. Karli

Blast off with us as we journey to outer space to explore the moon, the stars, and planets. We will have out of this world activities! Includes a field trip to the Coca- Cola Space and Science center and t-shirt.
12 spots. Cost $100  July 10th-13th   1pm-4pm   (K5-3rd)  Computer Lab

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Summer Slide Camps

Summer Slide Camp

Please join us for lots of learning fun as we revisit reading and math skills to prevent a summer slide or decline.  Sign up for classes that students recently completed to stay prepared for the next grade level. 
Each camp has 12-15 spots. Cost= $125 per session


K4 Session 1-Mrs. Dansby   June 26th-29th  9am-12pm Room 101 12 slots
K4 Session 2-Mrs. Dansby   July 24th-27th  9am-12pm Room 101 12 slots

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K5 Session 1 (Outdoor)-Mrs. Francy   June 26th-29th  9am-12pm Room 104 12 slots
K5 Session 2 (Ocean)- Mrs. Francy  July 24th-27th  9am-12pm Room 104 12 slots

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1st Grade Session 1-Mrs. Karli  June 26th-29th  9am-12pm Room 105 15 slots
1st Grade Session 2-Mrs. Karli  July 24th-27th  9am-12pm Room 105 15 slots

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2nd Grade Session-  CANCELED June 19th-22nd  9am-12pm Room 110 15 slots


3rd Grade-Ms. Holman   July 31st-Aug 3rd  9am-12pm  Room 210 15 slots

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4th Grade-Ms. Holman   July 31st-Aug 3rd  1pm-4pm Room 210 15 slots

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VBS–Wynnbrook Baptist Church

Shine Jesus’ Light at our Stellar Vacation Bible School! 

Register on church website. 

Cost= FREE    June 12th-15th 9am-12pm (K4-5th) Worship Center

Volleyball Camp

Volleyball Camp–Coach Williams

This camp is designed as an introduction to the sport and will focus on the fundamental skills of volleyball.
Camp has 30 spots.  Cost= $75  July 26th-28th  10am-12pm  (4th-8th) Gym

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Preschool Summer Camps

Check out and register for Summer Camps for Preschoolers:

Registration is available through the preschool office. Please explore their website for more information.

Wynnbrook Christian Preschool Summer Camps