K-8 Christian Education

Admissions Policy

Wynnbrook Christian School seeks to foster in each young person a desire to serve as a good steward and responsible citizen of both the local community and the world beyond.  We want to create a community that exemplifies Christian values; to that end, Wynnbrook Christian School offers the perfect opportunity for parents and caregivers who desire for their children an academically challenging education within a Christian worldview.


Process for Admissions

  1. Interview with the WCS Administration (parent and student).
  2. Complete and submit all application information to the school office including the following:
    • Completed Application for Admission
    • Previous School Cumulative Records (mailed or faxed from previous school only)
      • Attendance record
      • Previous school withdrawal record
      • Current academic records
      • Behavior records
      • Current (last 12 months) standardized tests scores (CRCT/ITBS/CTP4/Other)
    • Copy of Birth Certificate
    • Copy of Social Security Card
    • Immunization Form (GA # 3231)
    • Vision/Hearing Screening (#3300)
    • Letter of Recomendation from Administrator or Teacher 
    • (Steps 3 and 4 may be exercised while waiting for Step 2-B to be sent.)
  3. Read the Parent-Student Handbook. Sign and return the Acknowledgement Form. (Parent and student must read and sign the handbook.  Proceed with the admissions process only if in agreement with, and willing to abide by, the policies in the Handbook.)
  4. Academic Test and Fee if required by WCS Administration ($30 non-refundable)
  5. Registration Fee (required at time of acceptance)
  6. The Admissions Committee (Principal, Testing Coordinator, and Faculty Member) will review all of the application materials and make a formal recommendation to the Administration for either Conditional or Unconditional Admission. 
    1. Conditional Admission - student is accepted on a probationary status for a period not to exceed 45 academic days during which the student is evaluated on academic and behavioral performance.  A student receiving positive evaluations will be elevated to Unconditional Admission status. A student not recommended for Unconditional Admission will be dismissed from the school.
    2. Unconditional Admission - student is accepted without review of academic or behavioral probation.
  7. The WCS Administration makes the final decision regarding the admission of the student.  Parent/ Legal Guardian will be notified via letter or email communication process.


Enrollment Financial Agreement

The WCS Administration requires an Enrollment Financial Agreement to be established upon student acceptance.  This is a financial obligation for one year between the school and the parent or legal guardian.  The school commits to provide academic services, and the parent/legal guardian agrees to meet financial responsibilities for those services for the entire tuition term.  The agreement details special provisions regarding early withdrawal for measures beyond reasonable control which are taken into consideration to exclude financial commitment.  If a student does not meet these provisions, the entire tuition amount is required.


Wynnbrook Christian School admits students regardless of race, gender, color, or national origin.