Middle School Electives




Band 1 & 2

Through a generous donor, the school is able to provide instruments for students to enjoy and learn throughout the year. Fifth through eighth grade students may choose Band as one of the electives offered.  

Band students perform for several events such as the Christmas and Spring Program. In addition, students have performed during community service projects.   

Band students have also competed in the annual ACSI Southeast Band Festival and have placed in Honor Band and All State competitions. Way to go, Warriors!

Band I for the coming year will be offered to 5th grade. Middle School students wishing to take Band I will need to speak with Mr. Norton. Band 2 is for current Band I students. 


Bible Elective


This Bible elective will be a study of Proverbs. Each week they will study a chapter of Proverbs and discuss how they can apply it to their lives. -Led by Mr. Hull

Book Study

This bible elective will be a book study on the Left Behind Series. The students will read and discuss the books in class and respond to short writing prompts. We will discuss the end times and what life could be like on earth without believers during the Tribulation.  -Led by Mr. Krueger


Creative Design

Students will learn to use a hammer, saw, drill, screws, nails, paint, glue, etc. This class fulfills the MS art requirement. This semester the emphasis will be on repairing, restoring, and repurposing household items.- Led by Mr. Moore


Culinary Club

Students will learn the basics of food preparation and how to follow a recipe. They will execute baking and cooking meals. More advanced students will learn to use alternate or replacement ingredients to cook various dishes.



Drama is offered as an elective for middle school students led by Mr. Moore. Students enjoy practicing during class, performing in chapel, and presenting for special events. Students who join the class are auditioned first for main characters in school plays. Each of these students get a hands-on approach to public speaking while emphasizing their dramatic ways of presentation. In previous years, students have performed "The Jungle Book", and "The Wizard of Oz", and "Once Upon a Starry Night". Because of Covid, many of our performances may be virtual this year. 


Genius Presentations

Genius Presentations is an elective moderated by Mrs. Sourbeck and offered to all middle school students. Using a student-directed learning model, students are provided an opportunity to look at the big wide world around them and explore their own unique interests in a loosely structured, but supported, way. They choose what they study, how they study it, and what they produce or create as a result. Every student is required to present at least one completed project every 9-weeks, to include a 5 minute presentation presented to their peers and some administrators over what they’ve learned. Genius Presentations promotes inquiry, research, creativity, and higher order-thinking skills.


Health, Fitness, Physical Education

Middle School PE is constant activity where every student is expected to participate regardless if we are playing a sport like volleyball, basketball, soccer, 6 base kickball or a fitness circuit or obstacle course. Attitude and effort matter just as much as skill for WCS Middle School PE.    

PE is an activities/sports-based program that keeps kids moving while learning different games and sports and other common team or sports activities. Fitness will focus on exercises, diet, and life habits to achieve and maintain good health and physical fitness. All Middle School students must be enrolled in either PE or Fitness. They cannot participate in both the same semester.

Health class will discuss physical, mental and emotional health topics that challenge our middle school students today. Spiritual health will be the foundation of the class as we encourage our students to live as a child of the King, understanding who they are in Christ.

Everyone in the school has been encouraged to participate in the Health Bingo for dress down passes and gift-card drawings. Click on the links below:

Health Bingo  K4-1st Grade

Health Bingo  2nd-8th Grade



Students will learn how to plant a flower or vegetable garden, help create an outdoor garden on campus, and take field trips to various botanical gardens.




Individual Learning Time

Individual Learning Time is the functional equivalent of a study hall. Students, especially those in a sport, are encouraged to enroll in a couple of ILT’s during the week.


Latin Vocabulary

The focus of the course is Latin vocabulary. Since this class only meets one day/week students who take the course in both first and second semester can use the course to fulfill the foreign language requirement. Those who take it only second semester can use it as an elective credit.



The Illuminator

The Newspaper Elective Class meets weekly and is currently being taught by Mrs. Joy Burke for 7th & 8th Grade Only.

Students who are selected for this class will participate in creating and publishing the school’s newspaper/newsletter. A limited number of students will be selected. They must be able and willing to contribute to the creation of the content and publication. Students must be self-motivated as they will be largely self-directed in their contributions.

Please enjoy their publications by clicking on the link below:

Volume 1-Issue 1

Volume 1-Issue 2

Volume 1-Issue 3

Volume 1-Issue 4

Volume 1-Issue 5

Volume 1-Issue 6


Praise Team

The Praise Team is a group of students led by Mrs. Dubose that foster a praise and worship atmosphere on campus.  Students practice song lyrics, hand motions, instruments, and dance moves during class and present them during chapels on Wednesday mornings for the student body. Students may be asked to sing for special programs, dramas, or events. This year our Praise Team will be going to a recording studio to record songs played and sung by our students.



Students will be immersed in Conversational Spanish in order to engage in casual conversations, navigate common places such as restaurants, grocery stores, homes, and cities. Our hope is that this class will give students a conversational foundation for students to go on mission trips both domestically and internationally and feel comfortable using their Spanish to navigate those places. The emphasis of this class will be practical rather than academic. One semester of this class will fulfill the student’s foreign language requirement.