Middle School Electives





Through a generous donor, the school is able to provide instruments for students to enjoy and learn throughout the year. Fifth through eighth grade students may choose Band as one of the electives offered.  

Band students perform for several events such as the Christmas and Spring Program. In addition, students have performed during community service projects.   

Band students have also competed in the annual ACSI Southeast Band Festival and have placed in Honor Band and All State competitions. Way to go, Warriors!


Bible Elective

"The 13 Most Important Bible Lessons for Teenagers"

"The 13 most important Bible lessons for Teenagers” covers the most important truths of the Bible including why bad things happen to good people, what it means to grow in Jesus, and learning how to depend on the Holy Spirit.  These foundational truths need to be taught, so teens have an solid foundation for their faith. -Led by Mr. Kreuger


Book Club

This year in book club the students chose to read The Shakespeare Stealer by Gary Blackwood, The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien, and The Fellowship of the Ring by J.R.R. Tolkien. We are using our class time discussing the books, chapter by chapter and talking about characters, plots, themes and worldview. It's a fun way to read with friends!


Creative Design

Creative Design, led by Mr. Moore, met during the Fall semester and gave students a hands-on approach to building and invention. Students were given access to tools and material to help spark inspiration in their building process.


Culinary Club




Drama is offered as an elective for middle school students led by Mrs. Dubose. Students enjoy practicing during class, performing in chapel, and presenting for special events. Students who join the class are auditioned first for main characters in school plays. Each of these students get a hands-on approach to public speaking while emphasizing their dramatic ways of presentation. In previous years, students have performed "The Jungle Book", and "The Wizard of Oz", and "Once Upon a Starry Night". Because of Covid, many of our performances may be virtual this year. 


Genius Hour

Genius Hour is an elective moderated by Mrs. Sourbeck and offered to all middle school students. Using a student-directed learning model, students are provided an opportunity to look at the big wide world around them and explore their own unique interests in a loosely structured, but supported, way. They choose what they study, how they study it, and what they produce or create as a result. Every student is required to present at least one completed project every 9-weeks, to include a 5 minute presentation presented to their peers and some administrators over what they’ve learned. Genius Hour promotes inquiry, research, creativity, and higher order-thinking skills.


Health, Fitness, Physical Education

Middle School PE is constant activity where every student is expected to participate regardless if we are playing a sport like volleyball, basketball, soccer, 6 base kickball or a fitness circuit or obstacle course. Attitude and effort matter just as much as skill for WCS Middle School PE.    

Everyone in the school has been encouraged to participate in the Health Bingo for dress down passes and gift-card drawings. Click on the links below:

Health Bingo  K4-1st Grade

Health Bingo  2nd-8th Grade



Individual Learning Time




This year in Latin students are learning about verbs and nouns, focusing on conjugations and declensions. They will learn 6 different verb tenses and 5 different declensions, along with vocabulary and derivatives. Much of our class time is spent memorizing and reciting. Latin is really fun, makes you feel smart, and class regularly includes skittles!!!


Life Skills




The Illuminator

The Newspaper Elective Class meets weekly and is currently being taught by Mrs. Joy Burke.

Please enjoy their publications by clicking on the link below:

Volume 1-Issue 1

Volume 1-Issue 2

Volume 1-Issue 3

Volume 1-Issue 4

Volume 1-Issue 5

Volume 1-Issue 6


Perplexing Puzzles



Praise Team

The Praise Team is a group of students led by Mrs. Dubose that foster a praise and worship atmosphere on campus.  Students practice song lyrics, hand motions, instruments, and dance moves during class and present them during chapels on Wednesday mornings for the student body. Students may be asked to sing for special programs, dramas, or events. This year our Praise Team will be going to a recording studio to record songs played and sung by our students.


Servant Leadership