Chapel- Praise Team

6th-8th Praise Team

Students in grades 6-8 may participate in leading chapel worship under the direction of the worship leader. This is an elective class, and students must meet the following standards: 

  • Understand that this is a privileged leadership position

  • Be a Christ-like example on and off the stage

  • Maintain a grade of 80 or above in all classes (Turn in each progress report and report card to worship leader for grade check)

  • Have no discipline issues (office referrals)

  • Have a good school attendance record

  • Attend praise team practice weekly

  • Perform at chapel and special events per the rotation schedule or as requested

  • Have a good stage presence (SMILE, BE EXCITED, BE A LEADER!)

  • Understand that a decision of dismissal or changes will be determined by the worship leader and administration

To see a few examples of songs that we are practicing and preforming for chapel, plese check out Mrs. Dubose's website. 


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Students meet weekly for chapel in the Wynnbrook Baptist Church Worship Center for worship, prayer, and Bible lessons.  The WCS Praise Team leads the school in praise and worship songs and guest speakers or the drama class provide inspirational messages for all ages.  

Our most beloved and regular chapel guest is Mr. Benny Culverhouse, who always helps us get the day off to a fun start!