Abide in His Love Family Packet

Check your studen's folder for copies of these pages in the Family Fundraising Packet. 

Click here to download the Family Fundrasing Packet.


Promote the Cause

Spread the Word! (Texts/Shares)


Use your phone (texts & calls)

Goal: Send 30 text messages to promote the cause.

Send a text with a personal text message. Make sure to include the fundraiser link. This picture gives an example of how to share the fundraiser through a text message. Follow up with your 30 contacts on the Track Sheet and turn into the office for prize incentives.

Use Social Media (shares)

Goal: To like, comment, share, and tag 30 friends to promote the cause on Facebook.

Log into your personal Facebook site. Search “Wynnbrook Christian School” and look for the ‘Abide in His Love’ photo album with each family’s/student’s photo and link information.

Share the link of your personal picture on your timeline with a comment and by tagging 30 friends and family! Share your positive, personal testimony on the page and be a double blessing to the school!

Keep up to date with updates on the fundraiser by liking the Wynnbrook Christian School page.


Promote the Cause


Send Support Letters

Goal: For every family to fill out 3-12 letters to people you know and support. Think of friends and families, but also places where you have hosted birthday parties, places where you shop, local businesses you support, or family dentists or doctors that might like to advertise to our Wynnbrook community or be would appreciate a specail message.

Instructions: Keep messages short and sweet and be sure to include recipient's address at the top. Turn in the letters in to the office for participation incentives. WCS will stamp and mail the letters.

Incentives: For every 3 addresses and letters filled out and brought to the office, students will have their name displayed on a “Sharing the Love” heart and get the chance to win gift cards in the amounts of $25, $50, and $100!