Upcoming Events

Book Characters are Running for President!

Students are learning about the presidential election and campaign process! The 8th graders are representing book characters and campaigning on their behalf. Students and staff at WCS will have a chance to register to vote, vote in the primary election, and vote in the general election. 

Primary Speeches= Oct. 14th

Primary Election= Oct. 15th

General Speeches= Oct. 28th

General Election=Oct. 29th

Book Character President Announced at the Pep Rally=October 30th

Celebrate Red Ribbon Week

Travel Through Time with our Scholastic Book Fair!


Volunteer for the Scholastic Book Fair:

Sign up to volunteer on our Google Slides sign-up sheet. Scroll down to your class/activity and sign up with a friend for a half-hour slot. 

Click the link below to sign-up. Write your first and last name in the available boxes. Please do not delete other people's names.


(The link may not work on phones without the Google Slides app.-Please try using a computer or contact the school or your homeroom teacher and ask them to sign up for you if the link is unavailable.)