Tuition and Fees 2019-2020

Tuition & Fee Schedule

Registration Fee

Due upon Registration


($260 for early registration before March 1st)

Tuition: Pre K


Tuition: Kindergarten


Tuition: 1st-3rd

$6, 360

Tuition: 4th-5th

$6, 410

Tuition: 6th-8th



** May be paid by CASH/CHECK/BANK DRAFT (Returned checks/drafts will be assessed a $25 fee) or CREDIT CARD (3% transaction fee).

with 1 FULL PAYMENT at registration  (receive $100 discount)


with 10 PAYMENTS (August-May).

All fees are nonrefundable. Tuition and fees are nonrefundable and include basic academic requirements such as: textbooks, media fees, Accelerated Reader, and Parents Web. Tuition and fees cover basic supplies for extra-curricular classes. Tuition does not include Adventure Club care, tutoring, school supplies, lunches, uniforms, yearbook, or field trips. There is an additional $100 athletic fee 1-2 sports and an additional $50 for each additional sport for students who wish to participate in the athletic programs after school.

Adventure Club Rates= $7.00/hour or $3.50/half hour with a max of $75.00/week


Wynnbrook Christian School offers three types of family discounts. A family who qualifies may choose one discount from the three discounts below:

  1. Active Member of Wynnbrook Baptist Church OR Member of the Military (M): Discount equals $500 off tuition for first child and $250 per each additional child.
  2. Sibling (S): Discount equals $500 off annual tuition for 2nd child and $250 per each additional child enrolled after the second child. The oldest child’s tuition will not qualify for a sibling reduction.


Applications are available for scholarships. These will be reviewed by our scholarship committee and awarded based on need and amount of scholarships funds available.

GaSSO Scholarship

Scholarships are available through our partnership with the Georgia Student Scholarship Organization (GaSSO) and other generous donors. Families who do not qualify for GaSSO may apply for scholarships using the General Scholarship Application Form. 

GaSSO Scholarship Guidelines:

  1. Applicant must be a Georgia resident and meet one of the eligibility requirements listed on the Scholarship Application Form.
  2. Applicant must complete a Scholarship Application Form each school year to request funds.
  3. Applicant must submit a copy of the family/guardian’s Federal Tax Report. If divorced, Father and Mother each submit a copy of his and her Federal Tax Report.
  4. If any information provided is false, the family will be required to repay the full amount of the scholarship.
  5. Once a student qualifies, he or she will stay qualified while enrolled in WCS but must complete a new Scholarship Application Form at the beginning of each school year.
  6. Scholarships awarded may be based on merit, need, and/or other criteria determined by the Scholarship Committee.
  7. Scholarship amount to be awarded will be determined by the Scholarship Committee.
  8. Scholarship amount to be awarded is dependent upon available scholarship funds.
  9. In awarding a scholarship, the financial need of the student (from all sources) shall be considered.
  10. Student must meet and agree to the requirements as set forth by the WCS Parent-Student Handbook including all academic and disciplinary policies.
  11. Student must maintain a C average to continue receiving scholarship funds.
  12. If a student is in violation of the criteria of the scholarship guidelines or the academic and disciplinary standards of WCS, he or she will forfeit the remainder of the scholarship and will not be eligible to reapply.
  13. Any situations not addressed in the guidelines above will be under the discretion of the Scholarship Committee.