Fee Schedule

Registration 2015-16

  • Enrollment is now open for grades kindergarten through 8th grade.
  • When classes are full, student applications received will be placed on a waiting list for a $35 fee. Any vacant spots will be filled from the waiting list. 


Registration and Enrollment Fees (Per student, nonrefundable, and due upon registration)

  • Registration Fee: $400
  • Facility Fee: $100 
  • Technology Fee: $60 


Tuition (K5-8th grade per student, nonrefundable)

  • $5,900
  • $100 additional discount if paid in full by July 31, 2015, or at time of registration if registering after that date
  • May be paid by CASH/CHECK in 1 payment by July 31 OR by BANK DRAFT in 10 payments (Aug.-May)
  • Returned checks and bank drafts are assessed a $25 late fee.

Tuition and fees are non-refundable and include textbooks and media fees including Accelerated Reader, Accelerated Math, Parent Alert, Parents Web. Specials included are art, band, drama, music, physical education, public speaking, and technology. Tuition and fees do not include school supplies, lunches, uniforms, yearbook, or field trips.  There is an additional $100 athletic fee for students who wish to participate in the athletic program. Sports include cross country, tennis, volleyball, wrestling, basketball, cheerleading, archery, and soccer. 



family whose children are enrolled at Wynnbrook Christian School is entitled to one (1) discount from those listed below. To continue eligibility for discounts, all financial obligations must be kept current. 

  1. Active Member of Wynnbrook Baptist Church or Active Member of the Military: Discount equals $500 off annual tuition for first child and $250 per each additional child.
  2. Sibling: Discount equals $500 off annual tuition for 2nd child and $250 per each additional child enrolled after the second child. The oldest child’s tuition will not qualify for a tuition reduction through a discount.
  3. WCS/WCP Employee: Discount equals 50% for full-time employees and 1.25% per hour worked per week for part-time employees.