Dress Code

K-8 Dress Code

2016-17 Dress Code

The very nature of Wynnbrook Christian School demands that we be concerned about the image we project. To uphold the Christian values we represent, dress and appearance at school must be modest at all times. Students are required to arrive on campus properly and neatly attired following the mandatory uniform policy. Students should use good personal hygiene and be well-groomed each day.  Anything that may cause a distraction to the educational process is not allowed. 

The school administration reserves the right to judge any article of clothing on an individual basis. If a student is in doubt as to the acceptability of their attire or appearance, checking with the Principal beforehand is advised. If a teacher or staff member notices that a student’s attire or appearance is not appropriate, the Principal is to be notified. At that time the Principal may send for the student to discuss the offense. If the attire is outside of established guidelines, the student may not be allowed to return to class until appropriate clothing is available.

School uniforms accomplish several positive goals.  They (1) create a sense of community by ensuring the simple attractiveness of the student body, (2) reduce a family's clothing expenditures, (3) instill students with discipline, (4) help the school environment become less competitive and more focused on learning, (5) reduce stress at home in the mornings when choosing what to wear, and (6) encourage students to express themselves in creative ways other than through their clothes.


Uniform Dress

  • Monday–Thursday: Red, white, or cobalt blue collared shirt tucked in with a belt and khaki or navy bottoms (or approved plaid for girls)
  • Friday: WCS Spirit shirt & jeans or khaki/navy bottoms (tucking in shirt and wearing a belt are optional)


Land’s End

School uniforms may be purchased through Land’s End. The WCS preferred school number is 900096520.  Catalogs are available through the office three times per year, or you may order online at landsend.com/school or call 800-469-2222. (Parents may also purchase uniform clothes locally and take items to The Cherry Zebra at Bradley Park, Columbus, for embroidery.)



  • Shirts: Shirts must be collared red, white, or cobalt blue.  One cobalt blue and one red shirt with the WCS logo must be purchased.  All other solid uniform shirts should be logo free, or the logo must be smaller than a quarter-size in the approved color.  Shirts worn under uniform shirts must be white and tucked in.
  • Pants: Pants must be khaki or navy and clean-cut such as in the Land’s End catalog.  They should be the correct size and not be overly tight or baggy.  Pants should be worn at the normal waistline and not torn or ragged.  Capri pants are acceptable for girls.  If there are belt loops, a brown, black, red, white, navy, gray, or Land’s End clear blue plaid belt must be worn.
  • Shorts: Khaki or navy Bermuda style (knee length) shorts of appropriate material (not athletic type shorts) is acceptable.  Shorts must be no shorter than 2” above the top of the kneecap.
  • Skirts and Dresses: Girls may also wear khaki, navy, or Land’s End “Clear Blue Plaid” skirts or jumpers, and khaki, red, or cobalt blue collared shirt dresses. Navy and khaki shirtdresses are not allowed. The length must be no shorter than 2” above the top of the kneecap.  Khaki, navy, or white shorts must be worn under jumpers or skirts unless tights are worn.
  • Tights: Girls may wear white, blue, red, navy, or flesh colored tights or leggings under a skirt or jumper.  Leggings must be fitted.  No knit pants may be worn.
  • Socks: Solid colored-coordinated socks are to be worn (black, brown, grey, red, blue, or white).
  • Shoes: Shoes may be tennis shoes (of any color/style) but with NO lights, pumps, sounds, skate shoes, “mood” or “color changing” inserts.  Tennis shoes must be worn in the gym, not socks or bare feet.  Other hard-soled (closed toe/closed heel) shoes are also acceptable but must be black, brown, tan, gray, cobalt blue, red, or navy.  “Merrell” and “Toms” style shoes are acceptable in the approved colors.    No clogs, “Crocs,” sandals, or flip-flops.  Boots may be worn only on Fridays or free dress days.
  • Outerwear: Any outerwear to be worn throughout the day in the classroom must be in school colors: solid red, white, cobalt blue, black, gray, khaki, or navy.  No trim of other colors will be allowed.  No denim jackets are allowed. Outerwear should include the WCS logo, or the logo must be smaller than a quarter-size in an approved color. (“North Face” and “Columbia” jackets do not meet dress code.)  Please make sure that your child’s outerwear is one of the approved solid colors, or he/she will be asked to take it off while in the building.  See Land’s End for possible styles. 
  • Girl’s hair accessories should be ONLY red, white, cobalt blue, navy, or “clear blue plaid” from the Land’s End catalog.  Any hair accessory that is considered a distraction will not be allowed.
  • Hats, Caps, Scarves: Hats, caps, and scarves are not allowed inside the school building unless for a special school program.


Spirit Days

Fridays will be Spirit Days unless otherwise notified.  Students may wear jeans and a WCS spirit shirt.  Jeans must be clean-cut and free of adornments and holes. They should be the correct size and not be overly tight or baggy.  Spirit shirts include WCS logo t-shirts from Land’s End, WCS field day shirts, WCS athletics shirts, and spirit wear previously purchased through WCS. Tucking in the shirt is optional on Fridays only.


Special Days/Programs

To encourage students in their leadership training, we may require students to dress more professionally throughout the year for special programs and extracurricular activities. Learning to adapt and dress for success is an important life skill.


  • Dresses, skirts, or dress slacks
  • Blouses, dressy tops (no wording), sweater, no t-shirts.
  • Dresses and tops should have straps at least 3 finger widths wide or covered with a jacket or sweater
  • Dress shoes or sandals
  • Alternate attire approved by coach, director, and/or administration



  • Shirts with a collar (no wording), tucked in (neckties optional) with a belt
  • Sweater vests are acceptable with a collared shirt
  • Dress pants—no jeans or nylon pants
  • Dress shoes
  • Alternate attire approved by coach, director, and/or administration


Free Dress Days

PTW sponsors a Free Dress Day as a fundraiser once a month.  Participation is optional.  Cost for free dress day is $1.00 per child.  Guidelines are as follows:

  • No see through clothing or mesh tops
  • No jeans/pants with frays or holes
  • Waistbands must come up to the natural waistline - no low riders, hip huggers, etc.
  • Girls’ tops and dresses must be at least 3 finger widths wide or covered with a jacket or sweater.
  • No hats/caps are to be worn inside the building unless for a special school program
  • Shorts, skorts, jumpers and skirts should be no more than three inches from the floor when child is in kneeling position.
  • Closed toe backless shoes are acceptable (i.e. clogs) but not recommended due to playground safety and physical education classes.
  • No opened toed backless shoes are allowed (i.e. flip flops)
  • No cleats or shoes that have wheels



Hair is to be maintained so that it is not extreme. Hair must be clean, combed, and neat in appearance. Hair should be styled so that it stays out of the eyes and does not interfere with school work. Designs may not be shaved or dyed into the hair. Colors and styles which appear extreme or attention-getting are not acceptable.



Visible permanent or temporary tattoos are not allowed.


Body Piercing

Girls may wear no more than one earring per earlobe which may extend no more than ¼” below the fleshy portion of the ear. No other body piercing jewelry is allowed.



Fresh, clean, wholesome looks are most desirable. Light, modest makeup is deemed appropriate for WCS middle school girls only.



Fingernails must be clean and trimmed so they do not extend beyond the fleshy portion of the fingers/thumbs. Girls may wear conservative, light or natural polish; no dark polish may be worn.


Consequences for dress infractions depend on the severity and frequency of the offense and may include 

  • Having the student change 
  • Issuing a warning and deducting conduct points
  • Notifying the parent and conferencing if  needed
  • Assigning further consequences at the discretion of Administration


The final decision about the appropriateness of a student’s appearance will rest with the WCS administration. Contact the school office if you have any questions regarding the dress code.