Virtual Learning Option

Our goal is to continue communicating as much information with you as we receive it. We are aware of the decision the Muscogee County School District made this week, but as of now that does not affect our decision to start school as scheduled Wednesday, August 12th. Our desire is to move forward executing our Operations Plan we sent out through email. The School Board is having meetings, and we will review any new information and evaluate if any adjustments need to be made to our plan.

For those who are interested in our Virtual Learning Option, please see the attached plan. After reviewing the plan, if you would like to choose this option for your child(ren) please let me know no later than ­­­Wednesday, August 5th by emailing me at


WCS Virtual Learning Option 


Platform: We will be using the Google platform for all virtual learning. We do not intend to use the Zoom platform this school year. 

Schedule: Teachers will communicate when their instruction times will be for each subject area throughout the day. Virtual students will be able to view all teacher instruction at the time scheduled throughout the school day, as well as review recordings of any classroom instruction. 

Interaction: Due to the number of students that will be physically sitting in the classroom the teacher will not be interacting with those students viewing the lesson virtually in real time. Virtual students can submit all questions through email or scheduled phone call with the teacher. 

Class Work/Grading: Virtual students will be required to complete and turn in all class work on the same time schedule as students attending the normal in class setting. This will be done electronically as well as through physical materials dropped off and picked up in the school office. Grading will be the same across the board for all students.