Wynnbrook Christian School Library

Are you curious about what books are available in our library? You can search our catalog from home. You can also check what books your child currently has checked out. Students have a personal account and can access their account on line. Students can check out three books at a time and have two weeks until the book is due. Students have three days of grace before fines are calculated to the account. Students may not check out books until books are returned and fines are paid.

You can access the library system here: Wynnbrook Christian School Library

You can search the catalog or LOG IN (located in the upper right corner)

Example Student: John Doe Birthday: 5-4-2005

Username (1st letter of first name, first 4 letters of last name, 2 digit month, 2 digit day of birthday) JDOE0504

Password: library@wcs

Track Student's Quizzes with AR

Our school uses Accelerated Reader for tracking student reading progress. Students are STAR tested through the Renaissance Learning Website  and are given a reading level to read within. Each student logs into their own account and can take quizzes on the books that are read. Students receive a grade and points with each quiz taken which is sent to the teacher. Parents can also receive emails on their child’s quizzes to track their progress. Encourage students to read on their reading level. Poor quiz grades may not be deleted.

Parents can log in to Renaissance Home Connect from any computer with an Internet connection and compatible browser. If you'd like to receive emails showing your student's quiz or test results, click the Email Setup link and follow the directions. To be sure these emails reach your inbox, add to your address book. The log-in information is the same your child uses at school to take AR quizzes. If you have questions about Renaissance Home Connect, please call the school office.

Example Student: John Doe

Username: (first letter of first name and last name) jdoe *students with the same initials include first 2 letters of first name*

Password: (first name) john

Benefits of Using this Program:

· Track what books on which your child has quizzed  (Students cannot re-quiz on a book.)

· Know the grade your child receives on the quizzes that are taken

· See progress on reading levels

Find Out AR Quiz Information on Books

Do you have lots of books at home, but you are unsure if they are in the Accelerated Reading (AR) program? You can enter the book’s information on AR Book Find: It will tell you the book’s reading level, quiz number, points, etc.

AR Rewards


Walking the Red Carpet

Students who have met their AR reading goal get to walk the red carpet on special Fridays. Parents are encouraged to join the rest of the classes as they line the halls giving high-fives, hugs, and cheers.

Marco's Pizza

Two times every 9 weeks, students are given pizza coupons for a free Marco's Pizza for having a 90% accuracy or higher on their AR quiz scores.

Ice-Cream Girl

At the end of the 9 weeks, students who have met their reading goal get a free ice-cream from The Ice-Cream Girl. She pulls up in her pink truck and lets students pick between shaved ice and special ice-cream pops.

AR Prize Store

At given times in the year, students can shop the AR Prize store with the points they have earned from the books they have read. Parents volunteer to help guide the students as they shop.

Become a Millionaire!

Students who read at least a million words through Accelerated Reader are considered millionaires! Millionaires are announced over the intercom, given a certificate, awarded at the Awards Day Program, and are given a special Millionare Breakfast with their parents near the end of the school year.

Field Trip

At the end of the school year, students who have met their reading goal each 9 weeks are elligible to attend the AR Field Trip. Field trips have included Six Flags and Stars & Strikes.

More Reading Programs


Read to Succeed

Each year, starting in November, students are given a Six Flags Read to Succeed tracking sheet to calculate 6 hours of reading. Students who meet this requirement get a free ticket to Six Flags for the summer months. Check out more about the program here: Six Flags Read to Succeed FAQs and their website.

Summer Reading

At the end of the school year, teachers assign summer reading lists to their students. Look back here for a summer reading list.