Check your child's grades with Parent's Web

We are pleased to offer Parents Web which allows school families to access school information via the internet on a computer or mobile device. Our school management system, FACTS, offers parents access to a great deal of school and classroom information on a day-to-day basis. Please be assured that the security of your student and family information is a priority, and no one is able to access student records except designated parents/guardians.  We will send information to each family regarding accessing your account.

Our goal is to utilize this website and its accompanying e-mail options as our primary source of communication with our school families. Please take time to become familiar with ParentsWeb and the information available to you. If you do not have internet access at home or work, the school library computers will be available for your convenience. Hard copies of school calendar, classroom announcements, and school announcements may be made available in the school office for those who have no other means to access this information.


Grading Scale

Grading Scale for Kindergarten and all electives
    E – Excellent
    S – Satisfactory
    N – Needs Improvement
    U – Unsatisfactory

Grading Scale for 1st grade and up
A        90 to 100          
B        80 to 89                 
C        70 to 79
F        69 and below

Grade Reporting
Progress reports will be made available online through ParentsWeb midway through each nine-week grading period.  Report cards will be sent home at the end of each nine weeks.  

In addition, parents may daily access their child’s grades, homework and assignments, and attendance through ParentsWeb. This is accessible via computer or an iPhone/iPad app through the school’s RenWeb school management software.