Academic Performance



Having Difficulty

Teachers are to contact parents as soon as there are indications of difficulty and before an unsatisfactory grade (below 70) is given on a progress report or report card. Teachers should encourage parents with ideas for activities they can do at home to help a child having difficulty.


Tutoring is a resource for students who need additional help or challenge in addition to what is provided in the regular classroom. Teachers or parents may see a need for this service and contact the school or parent for interest in the child participating. There are a few teachers and volunteers who offer their time during and after school. Cost may vary between grades, subjects, and availability.

Academic Probation

Academic probation will be issued when report cards are given out each quarter for any student who has below a 70 average in one or more major subjects. The student will be placed on probation for the following quarter and a Student Support Team will be formed for that student. (See below.). Should the student fail to raise his/her grades during this time, his/her progress will be reviewed and removal from WCS may be a consideration.

Student Support Team

If a student receives a grade below a 70 for the nine weeks in any core subject, a Student Support Team (SST) will be formed for that student. This SST will be comprised of the teacher(s), principal, and possible tutor and parents. The SST will request a parent conference to discuss interventions and recommendations for the student.



Cheating is a Level Three Violation. Any student who is caught cheating on a test or other assignment will receive an automatic zero (0). In addition, the student will receive a Discipline Referral and be subject to detention and/or suspension.





Students are recognized at the end of each nine weeks for honor roll achievement. Students are recognized at the end-of-year awards program with Principal’s All A Honor Roll, A/B Honor Roll, Perfect Attendance, Special Class Awards, Bible Sword Award, and a variety of subject-specific or academic awards.


A student shall be promoted to the next grade if he/she meets the following standards.

Student’s yearly average in core subjects must be 70% or above.

Student’s reading range on the end of year STAR Reading Assessment must be on or above grade level or reading score on the spring standardized test must be on or above grade level.

Student’s math score on the spring standardized test must be on or above grade level.

Student may accumulate no more than 15 absences (except for extenuating circumstances or without prior approval)

If any of the above standards are not met, the administration and teacher(s) will meet to make a recommendation for placement. Students can be retained at WCS if approved by administration, or the parent(s) will be asked to make other arrangements for the child’s education.