Academics & Curriculum

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Challenging Academics

Believing that all children are uniquely gifted, Wynnbrook Christian School offers a challenging academic program for students in grades K-8 meets each child’s individual needs and prepares him or her for success in any subsequent educational setting.  

  • We believe that a child can achieve far more than standards set by traditional education when that child is placed in an environment in which he feels safe, loved, and valued; when he or she is introduced to our Lord Jesus Christ, encouraged to develop a personal relationship with Him, and taught how to strengthen that relationship.  
  • We believe that through Christ all things are possible and we place emphasis each day on helping our students develop strong spiritual roots so they can live out and fulfill their ultimate, God-given purpose in life.
  • We believe that children must have a firm foundation both at home and at school; therefore, we partner closely with our children’s parents to form a cohesive support group for emotional, social, spiritual and intellectual growth.  The Wynnbrook Christian School faculty, staff and board regard parents as essential partners in our educational endeavors.  The school therefore expects and values parental support in all areas.
  • We believe that strong receptive and communicative language skills are the branches from which all other learning grows; therefore, great emphasis is placed on this area of development.  
  • We believe that working knowledge and excellent skills development depend on laying a strong foundation and then building upon that foundation in an upward spiraling manner that reinforces previously learned materials, skills and concepts as the children progress.
  • Believing that strong math skills lead to better critical thinking and reasoning skills, great emphasis is placed upon mathematics.  
  • We believe that the physical, social, emotional, spiritual and intellectual aspects of a child’s development depend on and support each other. We strive to help the child maintain a balance in all areas of growth and development.
  • We believe all academic and spiritual disciplines should be woven together in a manner that creates a joyful and meaningful learning environment that is inviting and engaging for children.
  • Wynnbrook offers a learning environment in which our students can joyfully pursue wisdom and knowledge. The enthusiasm of our faculty and students, in the midst of calm and peace, can be felt throughout our hallways.
  • We believe that smaller class sizes better foster the close-knit community ties and individual attention that characterize the Wynnbrook Christian School experience.  

In summary, Wynnbrook Christian School seeks to foster in each young person a desire to serve as a good steward and responsible citizen of both the local community and the world beyond.  We want to create a community that exemplifies Christian values; to that end, Wynnbrook Christian School offers the perfect opportunity for parents and caregivers who desire for their children an academically challenging education within a Christian world view.