Homeschool Options

Part Time WCS Students

Part-time WCS Students are usually homeschooled students who partner with the WCS classes offered. Academic courses and electives would be taught completely by the WCS staff and would meet whenever the course or class is available. Please contact the school office as to what courses are going to be taught for the current/upcoming year. 


  • Courses Offered: Math, Literature, English, Science, and Social Studies
  • $100 annual registration
  • Per class: $225 per nine weeks or $90 per month


  • $100 annual registration
  • 1 class period per week: $20/month
  • 2 class periods per week: $40/month
  • 3 class periods per week: $60/month
  • 4-5 class periods per week: $80/month


  • $100 per school year (covers two sports: additional fees may apply for cheer and tennis or special tournaments

Warriors for Christ: Homeschool Co-op

Warriors for Christ is a Collaborative School offered from 8:30-3pm Tuesday and Thursday.  Warriors for Christ has a set curriculum that you purchase to use for the school year.  Our academy teachers teach out of this curriculum on Tuesday and Thursday while also scheduling assignments for you to oversee your child complete on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.  Although you still have the flexibility of homeschooling, your child also has the added advantage of being accountable to teachers, which motivates your child to do their best.  Wynnbrook Christian Academy also fosters a God-centered environment that allows homeschool students to develop deep friendships with other students in their class.  Because Warriors for Christ is partnered with Wynnbrook Christian School, all academy students have access to Wynnbrook programs and benefits including but not limited to: sports, after school clubs, after school care, Wynnbrook's library, cafeteria lunches ($4), playgrounds, and productions.  Warriors for Christ is really the best of both worlds!

Classes for each grade include: Math, Science, History, English, and Writing.  Latin and Logic are also offered to the upper grades.  There will be an elective offered each day and will vary with each school year.  There is a one time yearly cost of approximately $500 for the first student (additional students are $125). Monthly cost is as follows: $200 for K-3; $215 for 4-5; $230 for 6-8th; $250 a month for High School.

The High School will be rotating every year, as in, your high school student can jump in at any time as long as they need the classes offered.  This year our High Schoolers will be taking Geometry, Chemistry, Computer Science, Apologetics, and American History and Literature.  


All Core Classes Offered 

Tuesdays and Thursdays



Cost is:

$200 for K-3

$215 for 4-5

$230 for 6-8th

$250 a month for 9th 


There is a one time fee per family of $375 due in August.

And a one time registration fee per child of $125 before March 22. After March 22 the fee will go up to 150. 


Call Nicole DiCenzo for more information at 603-726-6083.