School Board

WCS Board of Directors
  • Jean David, Chairperson
  • Regina Yates, Vice-Chairperson
  • Kyle Fisher, Treasurer
  • Karen White, Secretary
  • Charlotte Bland
  • Susan Calhoun
  • Connie Clark
  • Nicole DiCenzo
  • Jed Holcomb
  • Peggy Luker
  • Betty Murphy
  • Jack Warren


Wynnbrook Christian School is governed by a Board of Directors selected from representatives of Wynnbrook Baptist Church members, community leaders, and parents.  The Board has the authority vested in it by members of Wynnbrook Baptist Church to make any and all decisions in regard to managing the operation of WCS. The Board meets once monthly (typically the 4th Monday of each month) and for special called meetings. Parents may contact individual Board members by email or submit a request to the Board Chairperson to appear at a meeting. Call the school office for more information.